Using a Data Room for the Investment Deal Process

When thousands of pages of highly sensitive documents are handled by hundreds or dozens of people in an investment transaction security and tracking is essential. A professional-grade virtual data space must be encrypted and provide digital rights management capabilities with detailed reporting, such as the date and time a document is accessed or printed. Caplinked’s enterprise VDR solution offers this feature to secure documents throughout the investment process, even after they’ve been downloaded.

A good checklist for an investor’s data room should include a section about your team (resumes and stock options, as well as other documentation about current employees). Include a document describing the company’s research or public reports, which show an in-depth understanding of the market. Include a competitive analysis to show how you differ from other companies.

This information will give potential investors a first impression that you’re organized and prepared to tackle any due diligence issue they may have. A VC will appreciate your efforts and is more likely to move forward quickly.

You would like to work with the right partner who will treat your business with the same level of care you do. By presenting this information in a user-friendly, readily accessible manner, you will be able to streamline investment deals and impress potential partners. A platform that offers short messages and comments is an excellent tool to accelerate the review and communication process.

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