VDR and Data Security

Data https://digitalcloudroom.com/how-to-use-automation-tools-for-your-own-technology-due-diligence/ security is the process of protecting digital data, such as those in a database, from the destructive forces of nature and unwanted actions of unauthorised users such as cyberattacks or data breach. It also means protecting against unauthorized access by implementing robust techniques and practices for data security.

VDRs provide the most secure method for sharing documents and working on projects. They provide granular access control to restrict the access to download, print and copy documents. They can be removed after an amount of time has expired. In addition, many VDRs offer features to scan for malware and encrypt document contents. This makes it difficult for unauthorised users to read stolen data, even the fact that they have access the VDR’s file system.

Many VDRs have e-Signature capabilities built in within the platform and allow parties to negotiate and sign documents without the need to use email or a third-party eSign service that can introduce additional security risks. Many contracts, such as NDAs and supplier agreements require signatures. A simple VDR that has eSignature features could remove additional steps and reduce time.

These secure platforms are not only useful for due diligence and M&A and due diligence, but can also be used for every project that requires sharing sensitive information. Consider investing in an VDR that is simple to use, deploy and comes with all the features you need to close deals quickly. CapLinked is an industry-leading VDR that provides advanced security and document collaboration tools at a prices that are competitive. Schedule a demo to see CapLinked in action.

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