What Is ESET Online Scanner?

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What is Eset Online Scanner?

ESET Online Scanning is a no-cost user-friendly tool that lets you to scan and remove malware with your web browser. No security software needs to be installed. It utilizes the same ThreatSense (r) technology and malware signatures as ESET NOD32 and ESET Smart Security security software, and it is continuously up-to-date. When you first start using it, it could take some time for the scanner to download and update its signature database, however subsequent scans are much quicker.

After a thorough examination, all discovered threats are listed on the Found & detected screen, along with their names, addresses, and options to clean them now or quarantine them for a later analysis. Then, you can decide whether to eliminate them completely from your computer or just quarantine them according to your preferences. You can make an archive of all quarantined files if you are worried about losing data.

This is not as powerful an antivirus program as those that are paid for, but it offers better protection than online antiviruses due to the fact that the malware and virus database is updated more frequently. This is a great backup option in case you don’t have the time to install lengthy software or you want to test a PC quickly.

The eset online scan may be accessed via your web browser, or via its executable file. If you agree to the terms and conditions of use the scan will start immediately. However, if you’re running an operating system with only a small amount of Internet bandwidth or a slow connection, the scanning process might take a considerable amount of time.

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